Alphacool ES Passive Aluminium Cooler 200x120x25mm

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    182.2 In stock Alphacool ES Passive Aluminium Cooler 200x120x25mm

    Special aluminium cooler for passive air cooling of electronic components. This type of cooler is often used for cooling machines, electrical as well as electronic devices and components. This method of cooling reduces the risk of hardware damage due to overheating.

    The heat sink has a high number of cooling fins. This creates a large surface area that makes it possible to dissipate the generated waste heat in the best possible way. The principle is simple: the larger the surface area of the cooler, the more waste heat can be removed. This effect is further enhanced by the choice of material, as the high-quality aluminium has good thermal conductivity. The thickness of the radiator base was chosen so that the waste heat generated can be quickly transported away from the component via the cooler. The use of self-adhesive thermal pads is recommended here. These are placed between the component and the cooler and enable fast and effective heat transfer. Thermal conductive adhesive achieves the same effect here.

    Since the passive cooler is made of aluminium, it is extremely light. This makes it well suited for applications where weight plays a decisive role. Important: It is necessary to note that the heat sink is made of conductive material and therefore does not come into direct contact with voltage sources.

    Technical data
    L x W x H 200 x 120 x 25mm
    Material aluminium
    Number of fins 27
    Base thickness 6,2mm
    Weight 700g
    Color silver matt

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