Alphacool ES Orbiter 360 TS

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The Alphacool ES Orbiter 360 TS is an external cooling system designed for industrial applications. It is both compact and powerful, using two HPE-30 NexXxoS Full Copper radiators with a combined cooling surface of 360mm. The ES Orbiter 360 TS is capable of dissipating heat up to 1500 watts.

Efficient Cooling!
The system incorporates a 120mm and a 240mm NexXxoS Full Copper radiator with a 30mm thickness each in the HPE variant. The HPE version of the NexXxoS radiators features a dense design of the cooling channels, allowing for increased coolant flow through the radiator and thus significantly enhancing the cooling performance. The three Alphacool Core 120mm fans with high durability ensure optimal ventilation of the radiators. The fans and pump are regulated and monitored by the ES Guardian Powerfan Hub, which alerts in case of component failure. The temperature can be monitored via the color display on the front, which also includes a fluid level indicator to check the amount of liquid in the system.

Compact Design
The ES Orbiter has a sleek and simple design, with two integrated handles on the left and right side for easy handling. The Alphacool Eisfach, which features a powerful third-generation VPP755 pump, is used as the reservoir. Thanks to this powerful pump, almost any desired loop can be reliably operated. Refilling the coolant is straightforward with the fill port located on the top, and the system can be quickly vented using the adjacent valve. The water inlet and outlet, as well as the power connector, are situated at the back of the Orbiter.


Technical data ES Orbiter
Dimensions (L x W x H) 378,80 x 224,46 x 185,30mm
Housing: Material Metal
Radiator: Materiel Copper
Tube: Material TPV (EPDM)
Radiator: Fins Per Inch 18
Approved liquids water, water/glycol mixture
Max. Cooling capacity 1500W
Voltage 12V DC
Total power consumption 17,7W
Approved water pressure 0,8bar
Fillport 1x G1/4“
Water connections 2x G1/4“
Air balance connection 1x G1/4“
Permitted operating temperature (PC water cooling) 60°C
Permitted operating temperature (industrial applications) 75°C
Tube: service temperature -50°C to 155°C
Reservoir: Volume 445ml
Pump: Flow rate 340l/h
Pump: max. pumping head 3,125m
Fan: max. speed 2500rpm
Fan: max. air flow rate 83,3m³/h
Display Multicolor, indication optionally in °C or Fahrenheit
Sensor type NTC 10 kOhm thermistor
Color black, silver

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